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Want To Join Our Awesome Crew?

Our events wouldn’t be possible without great crew to support them!

We value our crew and the vital role they play in helping us make a positive impact in people’s lives.

ATTENTION – Special Crypto Tour Recruitment drive!!

We are currently recruiting crew for our Australia-wide tour with Rossco Paddison in January – coming to Perth, Melbourne, Sydney & Gold Coast!

ALL crew roles will be required for these epic events – sales & client supporters, room managers, mic runners, tech support & crypto nerds – we are looking for you!

If you have already crewed at one of our events before, then there is no need to fill out this entire form as we already know how awesome you are. Please just write your name, email, phone and city details and of course, which event you are applying to crew for.

Apply Now!

The Benefits

  • Crewing is a fantastic opportunity to be of service and support participants attending our events

  • Build your leadership capacity and be part of a genuinely supportive team!

  • Learn new skills as you receive training from our team managers in each role that you do

  • Lots of fun at our Awesome Events! (it’s required!)

What We Expect

  • We work as a team – we win when we all win together

  • We look out for each other and care about our participants and community

  • We take pride in being AWESOME and in being our best – within ourselves, as a team and in bringing excellence to the event space

  • We value connection & relationships – it’s important to build rapport and help our guests feel welcome & connected

  • We expect our crew to be there every day of an event – crew need to arrive before participants each day and stay until after they leave, and are sometimes required beforehand for set-up and/or training

  • Our Awesome crew show responsibility by always being on time, taking ownership of their roles and being flexible and responsive to change

  • We do ask our crew to prioritise their self care – to nourish themselves with water, snacks, take breaks and manage their  energy levels. Crew will be directed when is a good time for breaks by our Event Manager

If you are AWESOME & would love to join our team, please submit your application below

We look forward to crewing with you soon! xx

Apply Now!