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Are you looking for an Awesome Guest Speaker at your next event?

Would your audience be curious about the topics of cryptocurrency, wealth creation, conscious enterprises and other topics that are the expertise of our Awesome Events speakers?

Here at Awesome Events we have some incredible speakers who might be the perfect match to speak on your stage. If you run events or are involved in communities with 50-100 people or more, send us your details via the ‘ENQUIRE NOW’ button below and we’ll be in touch to see whether you could be a match with one of our speakers.

You can also nominate who you’d like to have come and speak and which topics most resonate with you. This will of course be dependent on availability and whether or not they are a match for your event.

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Here’s a brief bio of the speakers currently featured on Awesome Events stages around Australia:

Rossco Paddison

Rossco Paddison is an entrepreneurial futurist who has owned many businesses including Profit Spaces, GatherChange and more. Over the past 10 years he has inspired from the stage, mentored and worked with thousands of startups, business owners and not for profits to discover their direct path to the results they’re looking for. Rossco works closely with a handful of one on one with clients to help them grow and scale their futuristic businesses.

Rossco values innovative and futuristic thinking and is always on the cutting edge of new ideas and technologies. He loves to share his knowledge to help clients automate their businesses in order to work more profitably, and teaches business strategies that are effective and proven to increase the bottom line for the entrepreneurs and innovators he mentors.

Jeffrey Slayter

Jeffrey Slayter is a top researcher of Leadership and Self Awareness and its application to the high-performing awakening entrepreneurs who are building businesses for a better world and committed to impacting generations to come.

He brings disruptive insights (in a good way) – adventures, coaching, trainings, events, high-end masterminds, iconic guests, tools, tactics and edgy information, with the intention to turn not just your business – but you – inside-out.

Uncovering a unique effective combination of how ancient wisdoms integrate into modern leadership and self awareness for the high-performing entrepreneurs. It has been said by many of his clients that his exploration and research of these deep transformational tools are leaps ahead of conventional modalities and leadership training. This self awareness and leadership work invites you to remember what you are capable of, to innovate beyond the limits of what is considered possible for your business and life and choose more of what actually matters in every moment.

He helps billionaires, industry icons and ambitious entrepreneurs develop leadership, self-awareness, fulfilment, increase their impact and leave a profound and lasting legacy.

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